Viking Vapor Project Proposals

Review Acquisition Postards, Hemp Information Rack Cards, and Hemp Highlight Signage

Hey Summer, below is a simple breakdown of the projects I asked you about, and I’ve included some details, printing information, and pricing. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Excited to work on these!

Review Acquisition Postcards

This would be a 4×6″ postcard with information and a QR code that leads directly to leave Viking Vapor a Google Review. I need to know what information you would like on the cards other than the review portion. I should be able to design this in 2-3 hours of design time.

Wholesale Printing

My wholesale printer can print 1000 postcards for $58.25+tax.


My rate is typically $75.00/hr, but I want to drop that to $50.00/hr for these projects. With a design time of 2-3 hours, printing, and delivery, I can quote this project at $228.25.


I would expect an overall turnaround time of 1-2 weeks.

1000 4x6 postcards with QR code:

TOTAL: $228.25

Hemp Information Rack Cards

This is a 4×9″ vertical rack card that will include information about the different Deltas, THC variants, strain types, and product categories. It will also include all of the Viking Vapor information, of course. I should be able to knock this one in out in 3-4 hours of design time.

Wholesale Printing

My wholesale printer can print 500 rack cards for $78.10+tax.


At a design time of 3-4 hours, research time, printing, and delivery, I can quote this project at $328.10.


Will be completed along with the review postcards.

500 4x9 rack cards:

TOTAL: $328.10

Hemp Highlight Signage

These would be small signs/displays to place next to select hemp products to highlight their differentiating aspects. We can point out which products have which cannabinoids, which ones have THCa diamonds, etc. Customers get really confused about product differences.

Local Printing

I need to source a way to print these in town as we won’t need multiple copies of each sign.


Pricing on this will vary depending on which products you want me to design signage for. Once I design a template (2 hours), the researching and filling in the information will take around an hour per 10 products. If you choose 20 products to start, I’d imagine $325.00 in research time, design time, and printing. A local place can likely do it for pretty cheap.

20 product information signs:

TOTAL: $325.00